DMs Guild Sales Update 1


When I first started producing content for the DMsGuild, I was hungry to find information on how it all worked. James Introcaso’s World Builder Blog was one of the few places I could find someone sharing their experiences as a content producer. In honor of James’ transparency and willingness to help, I will be posting updates about my experiences as well, in the hopes that they help someone else.

Pay What You Want

Unlike James and many others, I did not have any products on the DMsGuild before taking the plunge into Adventurers League Convention Created Content. I am not able to speak to how Pay What You Want works out for producers or how my non-AL sales may have been. You can head over to World Builders Blog for some information there.

Adventurers League Adventures

I have only written CCC adventures for AL so far. I do know that many more people purchase the DDAL adventures than CCC in general, though groups such as BMG or GameHoleCon may see better sales than others.

As of April 21st, we have sold 1364 total units. You can see how those are divided by month and year in the table below. Currently, our best selling title has been Rumors of Riches which has sold 301 copies. All of the products we have on offer are at least copper best sellers.

Total Sales April W16

Over on James’ blog, he tells us that the required sales numbers for medals are as below. These have to have all been purchased on the DMsGuild site to count towards a medal. Complimentary gifts or sales made through Drivethrurpg or RPGNow do not count for this so you may see totals sold that should earn you a medal yet not see a medal reflected on your product page.

  • Copper: 50 paid sales
  • Silver: 100 paid sales
  • Electrum: 260 paid sales
  • Gold: 525 paid sales
  • Platinum: 1050 paid sales

Total Units Sold for Rumors of Riches


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